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The Authors Projects in detail
  • RedHat™ Superserver Project

  • The RedHat™ Superserver Project was assingned as Project Work during my education as Graduated engineer in Data Technology (1999-2003). After official presentation of this project, the team released this tutorial as free downloadable Version. Unfortunately the translation into english is still not done. Therefore this project is available in German language only. To read this German Version, click here.

  • The SC12 - Nixie Display

  • I was longing for a an oppurtunity to realise a project like this. Having those Nixie Tubes and no good reason to use them, how awful. But one fine day I had this beautiful Idea. The whole project took more time than expected, but the result is incredible. One of the positive side effects is: I feel very comfortable programming in HTML, C, C++ and i386 Assembler now. For more information regarding this project, follow this Link.

  • The DCF-77 Atomic clock

  • A project out of my olden days. A simple DCF-77 Clock display, realised using a 8048 Microprocessor, some IC's and some Seven-Segment Display Units. A simple project? - Not in those days. The Hardware and the Sofware was developed by one of my colleagues (Hi Manfred!) and me. Fully written in Assembler code. Sorry to say, but unfortunately the documentation is in very bad condition. After rework, you may access to the project.

  • LEDA - the LED diven digital - analog Clock

  • The other clock project. This was the beginning of my way having clocks with a special Display. It was 1986 when the electonic news paper ELO introduced it. Digital Analog Clock - jumping pointer. This clock is realised using BCD-HEX converter IC 74LS154. It was the first time I touched those IC. Great experience for me and, as I said already, the beginning of my collection of clocks having a nice display. Since the paperwork is about 25 Years old, please allow me some time to rework it. Since this project is slow moving, you may download the german version of original documentation

    LEDA still young and alive

    here as Zipped File.
    It was 2009 - not 2012 when LEDA was getting mad. She was running ahead like crazy. What happened? A short look to my Oscilloscope, monitoring the main power line told me why: A dirty network is nothing, compared to this. Sparks and spikes, drops up to 15mS and so on. OK this network cannot be used. I had to create a Quartz timebase. Ordering my parts in Germany and..... you can read this part at the end of the LEDA Files.

  • Another piece of chocolate - my Tube drive# Radio

  • That Radio is as old as I am - my parents bought it somewhen end of the fifties. After refurbishing the Loudspeaker (had mice!) and the replacement of the Selen Rectifier this Radio is still active and sometimes in use. Pictures and a description how I replaced the Selen Rectifier you may find here. Follow the link toArchive.

Some more or less important Links

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