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The Author / Webmaster 2013

    Dear Onliner - I created these pages in small steps. They are build according to my ideas and I take care as much as find time beside my daily work. I am born years ago in the zodiac sign of cancer. I have two kids in age of and years. My monthly income I earn from a Japanese company in Singapore. The change in mind and the change in my location had multiple reason. Some of them are private, some of them are related to my work. Just so much about the influence of work: Some of those responsible person have already left my old company, some of them retired but some are still existing; I still call them "Axis of evil" (* George W. Bush, 29.01.2002). However, being located in Singapore and associated Stations makes me feel well and I may follow up my work. No big changes here, same company, same kind of work, different languages, but I got back what I lost long time ago: the fun to go to work. I am responsible for all kind of support in terms of Software, Machine Software, Eletronic Controls etc. Despite those activities, I take care for my PHP Project called BBS System, the Demonstration Centre and the Engineering part.
    Fun pure.
    Hamburg area: I was responsible for Version control and distribution of Firmware for our Factory Automation machines. This did not mean - that I was programming the whole set of software - I implemented minor modifications. One of the biggest part of my job was, to do the tests with new releases. For case of success - I would send those copies to my colleagues allover Europe. I was doing this job for about nine years - before that I was working as an engineer all over Europe, Japan, Singapore and USA. After ten year of travel, I changed my mind and I moved to software side wich I really enjoyed.
    The job wasn't easy and my daily working time was about - no I don't want blame somebody - xx hours plus the slowMo drive through the River Elbe Tunnel.
    The small final rest of the day I still try to use for some exercises (swimming) and the other minor things. The late evening and the night I spend my second love LINUX. Do you think I am a Guru? Sometimes it looks like but I still believe that I am always one step behind. This boat called LINUX I entered first time together with my i38# computer in year of'92 (as a former Navy man, I know howto keep dry boots). The boat has been changed to a big ship, containig four motors. The Main motor is an Intel 64 Bit dual Core 3 GHz followed up by a AMD 64 3GHz together with a AMD K6 1800MHz. My Server machine contains an Intel 1200 MHz Processor with 4 GB RAM. The DEC Alpha 233 and at least the Sun Sparc Workstation I had to sacrifice due to weight and space problems during my move to Singapore (sniff). The three other machines support the main motor. Since I've learned about the flexibility and reliability of LINUX I'll never miss to have totally different Processor architectures. One System goes another comes in. I had to face the implementation of a brandnew MAC-Book (Apple OS-X). The total implementation, including NFS (Network File System) was easier than expected. Meanwhile, one of my SC12 ‘PC-On-Chip‘, controlling my Nixie Display has joined the Network. This controller synchronizes his time with my Server via NTP. The Server althrough synchronizes with the official German Time prvided by PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt)
    Back to Linux. Plenty of official stations using Linux™: City of Munich is migrating to Open Source Products only. Police as well, Europol uses Linux Server. Latest News about RedHat: RedHat Server are present in more or less all major Stock Exchanges around the World. This gives me the strong feeling: Yes, you are on the right tracks. No Virus, worms or other 'Special-Software' will work on Linux Systems. These Pages here are created by using open source products only. Surely on my Main Machine, meanwhile called Terminator. The pages are tested by using the Apache Web Server on my own Server - just to follow: What you see is what you really get.
    Have fun -
    Here's a picture ...... when I was annual ten years employed.

    Sorry no Author

    Udo Sobotta


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  • July 2011 - Create My Profile for Web-presentation
  • April 2011 - update Webmasters Pages
  • March 2011 - introduce Article regarding John von Neumann and his Model of Computer
  • September 2010 intruduce discussion @Leo.org reg. State Certified Engineer
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  • December 2009 - Temperature Database activated
  • Done: 16.December 2009 - This web is Online
  • Plan: November 2009 - Publishing this Web (written in PHP, english, dynamic)
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  • Plan: November 2009 - Publishing this Web (written in PHP, German, dynamic)
  • Plan: November 2009 - Publishing this Web (written in HTML, German langauge only, static)
  • 2008 - Break due to private reasons
  • 2007 - Creation and publishing of last Web
  • 2001 - First renovation and re-construction of this Web
  • 1996 - Initial Registration of this Web

Some Thank You:

  • Microsoft and Windows 7™ - they are still not able to beat the Power of Linux
  • The CentOS group for assuring through contstant updates my server security.
  • All UBUNTU programmer, who created a stable and reliable Desktop Distribution
  • All Debian developer - they created a very stable and reliable System which I cannot eliminate from my desktop. Witho#t Debian - no work.
  • All RedHat and RedHat Derviates developer, they brought to me one of the most stable Server Systems, I rely on it.
  • Taeb el Kordi (1929-2004), founder of LUUG Seevetal now known under LUUG Nordheide
  • SuSE GmbH - now part of Novell inc. They delivered one of my first stable and useable Linux Versions for my PC (Kernel 0.92)
  • Linus Torwalds - writer of Linux Kernel, to launch this wonderful Project
  • Sun Microsystems - they taught me HowTo use an IPX Machine with Motorola Processor and Sun Linux
  • Digital Equipment Corp. They showed, while using 14 Years old 64 Bit Aplha Processor how powerful Linux can be
  • Microsoft ™ and Bill Gates - they do not have any relation to me or those Web-Pages at all
  • My former Colleague, we installed the very first Linux Version on my Computer. Hey Gerd, do you still remember?
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