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Info's regarding S.IT.Con
                    Technologies and Consulting

S.IT.Con uses the following Software
  • RedHat / CentOS Enterprise Server 6.x
  • RedHat / CentOS Enterprise Server 5 & 6
  • Microsoft™ Windows Server 2003 ˜ 2008
  • Ubuntu Linux 10.x
  • SuSE / Novell Linux 12.x
  • Microsoft™ Windows XP-Home & Professional
  • Microsoft™ Windows7 Home & Windows7 Professional
  • Apple MacOS 10.x
  • Microsoft™ Office 2003 ˜ 2010
  • Open / LibreOffice
  • NeoOffice
  • Anti Virussoftware Trend-Micro and Avira

If you have any enquiry regarding S.IT.Con please contact the:  Webmaster 
Thank You.

Some features of S.IT.Con

We are in Singapore
S.IT.Con plans, delivers, installs and maintaines computer and networks of all platforms and brands. UNIX Client Server Platforms are our preferred platform, but all other Systems are supported too. Some preferred combination:

    Our favored combination and services:
  • UNIX Client <-> UNIX Server
  • Microsoft-OS Clients <-> UNIX Server
  • Print Server
  • Internet / Intranet Server
  • eMail Server
  • Firewalling and Honeypots
  • NAS Systems

Furthermore we offer:
Single, - or Multiuser solutions for small enterprises. Multiple Server solutions for midrange companies or replacement of existing Hardware, high performance or high availablity clustering solutions and Software to improve the stability or functionality of your network. S.IT.Con provides always the best service.

Udo Sobotta
Questions or enquiries? Please post them  here 
Thank you.

Some References

  • Panasonic Industrial, Hamburg
    (Intranet Server, BBS File Server,
    dial in Server, European
    Machinedatabase, PHP/MySQL Program)
  • Autoreparatur H.P. Hanke, Winsen / Stöckte
    (Microsoft - Client Server Network)
  • MT - Education, Singapore
    (Client Server Netzwerk,
    Student Database using PHP/MySQL)
  • Panasonic Factory Solutions, Singapore
    (Extended Hamburg System, more Features und more Datenbases, fully realised in PHP, visible within Asian-Pacific region)
  • Single Customer and Companies using Linux-MS-Windows Systems paired on a single Platform,
    (MS-Office 2007 using WINE etc.)
  • Client Server environment, (realised
    using VM-Ware)
Enquiries regarding S.IT.Con, please mail to:  Webmaster 
Thank You

For fast action, call: +65 81682825 - 24hr/7days.
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